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After cutting down trees in your home, the stumps that are left behind can be a nuisance. There are tons of reasons why we recommend stump removal after a tree is cut down on your property. It is always important to have the right information about any tree service you intend to call us in for. At Fair Oaks Pro Tree Service, we offer stump removal services at an affordable price. You can talk to us if you have stumps that need to be removed.

Stump Removal in Fair Oaks, CA

In this article, we did put together some of the commonly asked questions about this service. These are the questions our arborists are mostly asked concerning stump removal in Fair Oaks. You will find answers to your questions here. You can go ahead to talk to us once you understand what stump removal entails.

Give us a call at 916-659-5590 if your question isn’t covered in this article. Our arborist will give you all the information you need. Here we want you to be satisfied with our services. Giving you the right information is the first step in ensuring you are satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stump Removal

Is Stump Removal Same as Stump Grinding?

No. Stump removal is quite different from stump grinding. This can be confusing since the two terms are often used interchangeably. The latter involves grinding down the stump without touching the root system. Here we will grind the stump until it is level with the ground and cover it up. The root system of the stump is left intact during this process. Your stump will decay along with the roots after some time.

Unlike grinding, stump removal involves removing the whole stump together with the root system. This service is more tedious and time-consuming than grinding. If the tree was big, the root system is, in most cases, advanced and will call for experts. If you need any of the two services, you can give us a call at 916-659-5590, and we will help you out.

Is Stump Removal Necessary?

At Fair Oaks Pro Tree Service, we recommend removing stumps after the tree is cut for some reason. First, stumps pose a safety risk in your home. If you have children in your home, they could easily trip over stumps and injure themselves while playing. The second reason why we encourage stump removal is aesthetics. Stumps will make your home unappealing. Remove them for an aesthetically appealing home.

Will Stump Removal Leave a Hole on My Property?

Yes, unlike stump grinding, removal leaves a hole since the root system has to be removed. However, we won’t leave the hole open after removing the stump. Our arborist will fill up the hole with earth or any other material of your choice. We know a hole can be dangerous in a home, and we won’t leave it open. Call us up if you have stumps in your Fair Oaks home and you need them removed as soon as possible.  We will take the shortest time possible to get started on your stumps. 

Can I Plant New Trees in Places where Stumps Have Been Removed?

New trees can be planted in places we have removed stumps. It is what we recommend after removing the stump. Our experts can help you with tree planting so that you choose the right trees to plant. Call us at 916-659-5590 and get expert advice from our arborists about planting trees after stump removal.

How Much Does Stump Removal Cost?

The cost of this service depends on some factors. Your location and the tree service company you are working with can determine the costs. In Fair Oaks, you can work with us to cut costs since we have affordable services.

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