Fair Oaks Emergency Tree Services

Emergency tree services are very important in Fair Oaks, California. You need a tree company you can trust when in crisis. If trees fall, you need a company that will respond swiftly and comes to your help. At Fair Oaks Pro Tree Service, we have been trusted by many homeowners in Fair Oaks, California. We are always there for them when they need emergency tree services.  If you need urgent tree services, call us up at 916-659-5590.

Branches that fall on your property can pose a safety risk. You need to have our experts get rid of the fallen trees and branches as soon as possible. Our arborists will respond to your call in the shortest time possible and ensure you are safe. We use modern equipment to make our work easier and efficient. Get in touch with our team today for professional and affordable emergency tree services.

When it comes to emergency tree services, calling in an expert is what you should do. You shouldn’t try it on your own since you don’t have any experience. Calling an experienced tree service company like us is the best option. Dial 916-659-5590, and our experts will keep you safe by putting their skills to work and handling any safety risks.

Emergency Tree Services in Fair Oaks, CA

Knowing when emergency tree services are necessary is not easy. You may easily confuse normal tree services with emergency ones. Below are some of the signs that you need to call us in for emergency tree services in Fair Oaks.

The Tree is Close to Power Lines

Trees shouldn’t be close to power lines for safety reasons. The risk is high during stormy seasons as trees can easily fall on power lines. This can cause property damage and loss of lives. You should call us at 916-659-5590 if your trees are close to power lines. Our arborists are trained to prune and cut down such trees. You should never try to prune trees close to power lines on your own. You can end up being injured or causing property damage.

Extreme Leaning

You should have our arborist look at your tree if it is leaning towards your property. Our arborist will remove the tree if it has a 15% vertical lean. You shouldn’t wait long if you have a tree leaning towards your house or any other property. This is because the tree can fall at any time and cause property damage or injury to your loved ones. Call us today at Fair Oaks Tree Service on 916-659-5590 if you have a leaning tree.

Dead Branches

Dead branches should always be removed quickly. This is because they can be easily felled by winds causing damage to property or injuring people. If you notice big dead branches on your trees, you should give us a call as soon as possible. You should also get in touch with us if all the dead branches are on one side. This is a structural problem that poses a serious safety risk.

The Trunk is Damaged

Large cavities in the trunk indicate the tree has structural problems, and winds can easily fell it. Call our arborists at 916-659-5590 if your tree has these trunk problems. They will inspect your tree and recommend removal if necessary.

The Roots Show Signs of Decay

Decaying tree roots call for emergency tree removal. Roots are important in supporting the tree and holding it firmly in the soil. Problems with roots mean the tree isn’t firm and can be felled by winds. If the tree is near structures, it could cause a lot of damage. You need to have our arborists check your tree if it has decaying roots.

Contact Fair Oaks Pro Tree Service

Dial 916-659-5590, and our experts will keep you safe by putting their skills to work and handling any safety risks.

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