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Do you have a tree plantation that needs the right care and maintenance? Whether it is a commercial or residential property with the plantation, we at Fair Oaks Pro Tree Service can offer you the best services. If you need professional tree cutting, pruning, or treatment, do get in touch with us today for a free quote.

To contact us, dial (916) 659-5590 and speak to an expert. Talk to us using the contact form on this page or sending us an inquiry message. Call us today to get free estimates.

About Fair Oaks Pro Tree Service

As the name says, Fair Oaks Pro Tree Service is a dedicated and committed tree care company serving Foothill Farms. The company has years of experience serving different clients from the commercial and residential communities of Foothill Farms. With a team of highly skilled and experienced tree specialists, advanced techniques of tree care, and advanced tree care ideas, you can be sure to find us quite resourceful.

What We Do

The Fair Oaks Pro Tree Service crew offers a range of services that you can bet on for your entire tree plantation. For many years, we have perfected the art of every care that we provide to our clients, continuously earning ourselves an unparalleled reputation. If you have a range of tree care needs as the following, talk to us now for free estimation:

Commercial and Residential Tree Service

For all your commercial and residential tree needs in Foothill Farms, let our tree specialists help you out. They can trim, prune, cut, cable, brace, and treat your trees to your satisfaction. Our arborists will also advise you on the best ways to take care of your trees and ensure they grow healthier and stronger.

Emergency Tree Service

Fair Oaks Pro Tree Service also offers emergency tree service at Foothill Farms. It is a specialty you can fully rely on. When trees start splitting or breaking their branches and twigs, you can call us immediately before they damage your property.

Tree Pruning

Our tree pruning service makes sure your trees can grow into healthy and stronger ones. By pruning them, we shed off dead, diseased, infected, or loose branches and twigs and leave the healthy ones to thrive.

Tree and Bush Trimming

Also, we have tree and bush trimming services for clients who want their trees to form specific shapes and take a particular size. We do this by removing any overgrown twigs as well as those scratching your property.

Tree Cabling and Bracing

Trees may sometimes fail to support themselves. They may also lose their upright and structural integrity due to a variety of reasons. If they are growing weak, but you do not want to cut them down, we can offer support for them through tree cabling and bracing.

Tree Cutting and Removal

When trees no longer support themselves, you would want to cut them down. You can remove them too if they are in your way or on an expansion area or if you need to harvest them for other purposes. When you do have such a need, you can call us for professional tree felling.

Stump Removal and Grinding

After cutting trees down, dangerously exposed trees may be left in the open. With our stump removal service, however, we can get rid of them completely. If you only need us to grind them, we will gladly do that too.

Tree and Wood Chipping

Do you need to chip tree and wood pieces for different uses such as mulching or as fuel? If yes, you can hire our tree chipping services too. We have chipping machines for small and huge pieces as well as experienced personnel who will ensure you get a service with a difference.

Tree Doctors

When trees are poisoned, diseased, or dying, it does not mean you must cut them down. You can have our doctors treat them or suggest other better ideas.

Contact Fair Oaks Pro Tree Service

Contact us now if you need any of the above services. You can call (916) 659-5590 or fill out the form on this page for more info. Call us today to get free estimates.

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