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A tree plantation is a great addition to your compound. It can be a major boost to your compound’s appeal and can be planted commercially too. With the right care and services, you can have a healthier and productive plantation, be it in a commercial or residential entity. At Fair Oaks Pro Tree Service, taking care of trees is our specialty, and we would be glad to offer the needed services to your trees.

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About Fair Oaks Pro Tree Service

As the name, Fair Oaks Pro Tree Service says, we are a full-service and dedicated company that is out to ensure your trees get the right service. Our tree care and maintenance services are unparalleled, and they will make sure that you get full satisfaction while at it. Talk to us today and grab the chance of working with a crew of tree specialists with a special commitment to excellence.

Reliable Tree Service Carmichael

If you are looking for expert tree services in Carmichael, then you came to the right place. We have what it takes to boost the growth of your trees, support the weak ones, and treat the diseased or dying ones. Essentially, you can talk to us for a variety of services, including:

Commercial Tree Service Carmichael

We have different services that commercial clients can benefit from. From tree cutting to pruning, trimming, and treatment, our commercial clients, including churches, learning institutions, business places, and industrial compounds, are sure to benefit.

Residential Tree Service Carmichael

Also, you may hire our experts for different residential tree services in Carmichael. The services include pruning, trimming, cutting, treating, and bracing and cabling trees.

Tree Pruning

Our tree pruning services ensure you get rid of any dead, infected, or loose twigs. This then gives the trees a chance to grow into healthier and stronger ones.

Bush and Tree Trimming

Trimming is another service that helps trees grow into what you desire. This way, we can cut all the overgrown and over-reaching twigs and give the shrubs and trees a chance to grow as the owner would want them to.

Tree Removal and Cutting

Do you need to cut trees down or remove them completely? If yes, we can do that for you. Our advanced skills, latest equipment, and experienced personnel will make the process as professional, safe, and thorough as possible.

Stump Removal and Grinding

After cutting trees down, you would want to remove the dangerously exposed stumps too. This is also a specialty of ours. We can remove or grind them depending on your needs and preferences.

Emergency Tree Service

If your area experiences strong winds, storms, heavy icefall, or wildfires, you may soon have emergencies with your trees. If the forces of Mother Nature affect your trees and they start falling or breaking, call us immediately. Our emergency response team will be there within no time to help you deal with the problem.

Tree Bracing and Cabling

Our tree cabling and bracing techniques provide artificial support to trees that may be losing their upright and structural integrity. The braces and cables provide significant support and allow the trees to regain their posture gradually.

Tree and Wood Chipping

In addition, we have trees and wood chipping services. Our chipping machines can chew into any piece, big or small, and make sure they are shredded to your specifications. If you want to use them for mulching, as fuel, or for other applications, count in on us.

Trees We Serve

You can call us to work on any tree types that you may be having. For long, we have served the following tree types:

  • Palm trees
  • Sycamore
  • White alder trees
  • Evergreen trees
  • Willow trees
  • Douglas fir trees
  • Oak trees
  • Pine trees
  • Redwoods trees
  • Maple trees
  • Apple trees
  • Lemon trees

Ready to Get Started?

If you know what you need to be done, talk to us immediately. If you are unsure about the type of tree service you need, you can speak with our tree specialists. Our experts will advise you accordingly and suggest the best service for your case.

Call us now at (916) 659-5590 and speak to an expert. Better yet, you may leave us your info on the contact form on this page and wait for our team to revert. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Dial now and get free estimates.

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