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    Fair Oaks Pro Tree Service – Tree Trimming, Removal & More

    If you are looking for a reliable tree service company that’s committed to delivering highly efficient, top quality, and friendly gardening services in Fair Oaks, California, the answer is Fair Oaks Pro Tree Service. Our team of competent arborists offers a variety of services ranging from garden clearance to fencing and landscaping. We are committed to helping our huge client base in Fair Oaks solve the tree service puzzle, be it stump removal, tree falling, or removing diseased trees altogether. Our professionally trained tree surgeons are the master specialists in everything tree planting, and the inclusion of modern techniques and state of the art equipment means we are ready to match you with the latest services at an affordable cost. Equipment exclusively repaired by Sacramento Onsite Truck Repair.

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    More About Fair Oaks Pro Tree Services

    Fair Oaks Pro Tree Service is the city’s premier tree service company that’s trusted with everything tree care and maintenance. Our reputation for high-quality services and client satisfaction has put us at the peak of the tree service industry. We are driven by the desire to provide the highest quality services that improve property value, enhance visual appeal, and, most importantly, create a tranquil environment consisting of evergreens.

    Give us a call anytime via 916-659-5590 to get a free quote. 

    Fair Oaks Pro Tree Services

    Fair Oaks Pro Tree Service is meant to achieve one role; take care of your trees. From handling emergency services to tree pruning, cutting, and planting, we’ve been serving homeowners in California for many years and still counting. Given our vast experience in working with multiple clients, there’s no tree service we cannot handle.

    Listed below are our key areas of specialization:

    • Tree Trimming
    • Tree Cutting
    • Landscaping
    • Cabling and Bracing
    • Bush Trimming
    • Tree Removal
    • Stump Removal and Grinding
    • Emergency Tree Service
    • Tree Pruning

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    Tree Cutting

    Pests, diseases, and natural calamities can easily turn your beautiful backyard into a liability. This is where Fair Oaks Pro Tree Service comes in to help salvage the situation before it gets out of hand. Our professional arborists can be trusted to provide safe and highly efficient tree cutting services in record time. On that note, here are the earliest clues to help you identify a damaged or diseased tree for quick elimination:

    • Presence of fungi such as mushrooms at the base of the tree trunk
    • Packed soil underneath the canopy
    • Cracks in the tree stem or a chipped back
    • Cavities noticed in the trunk

    Tree Planting

    Is there a more satisfying activity in your yard than tree planting? However, choosing the perfect tree to plant in your yard can be overwhelming. For many individuals, the unpredictable climatic changes experienced in downtown California is an outright deal-breaker. Worse still, the climate experienced in the local neighborhoods is a regular deal-breaker for many.

    Dial 916-659-5590 to get a free estimate.

    A team of certified arborists should help you choose the perfect location for planting new trees without necessarily having to strain your budget. We will work with you closely to determine the size of your yard, your budget, and the most desirable trees for the environment. We have a wide variety of trees that can thrive in Fair Oaks and the neighboring locations. 

    For instance, you may want to prioritize silver maples owing to the fact they grow relatively faster compared to many trees in the same group. We have it. Also, some individuals may want to go with one of the sugar maples or red oak trees that hold up well even though they take longer to mature. Either way, we have the right solution for your tree planting needs. We always consider the following factors before recommending any tree for planting: 

    • The presence of intruders in the region
    • Curb appeal
    • Increase in property value
    • Disease resistance ability
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    Tree Pruning

    Tree pruning has been one of our most popular tree care services in the region and for a good reason. For many homeowners, pruning is necessary when safety is a priority. As you may probably know, overhanging branches are just as dangerous for your loved ones as they are to your property. As we initiate our tree pruning service, we will be targeting the dead branches together with the crossed options that may threaten your safety. 

    How about the season? You may wonder. Well, from our experience working in the tree care industry, we know that tree pruning works best during the winter or late fall. During this period, the insects are dormant and the sap loss can be minimized easily. Some of the best pruning techniques we have used to greater success in the past include crown thinning, v-shaped unions, and crowd raising. 

    Tree and Stump Removal Service

    Trees and stumps may need to be removed for reasons best known to our team and the client. This could range from attack by diseases, old age, or as a precautionary measure. It is easier to determine if a tree should be removed by simply checking for dead wood of the trunk or multiple branches.

    Our tree removal service is the best in the industry and one of the best options you should turn to when looking for a hassle-free process that saves you time and money.

    How about stump removal? Well, that’s also our area of specialty. Usually, when you cut down a tree, the stump is left to decay on its own, but it’s hard to say if this is always the best decision. Stumps, just like dead woods, pose a safety hazard, which should be dealt with before it gets out of hand. Our stump removal techniques are diverse and are intended to give you a safe environment both for your family and your loved ones.

    Initially, farmers would use tractors to remove stumps from their yard in a tiresome activity that would also cost them a fortune. Today, we have specialized equipment that is intended to provide a hassle-free tree removal process and a safe environment that improves the quality of life. One of the honorable mentions here is the tree stump grinder which gives an efficient way to remove the tree stumps thoroughly.

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    Emergency Tree Service

    Emergency tree services become essential when in times of crisis. Has an overhanging tree branch ever fallen in your yard unexpectedly? You must be lucky if it didn’t damage your property. A fallen tree is a serious safety hazard that can crash your roof, walls, cars, and windows. Often, this is an urgent situation that requires immediate attention. Fair Oaks Pro Tree Service has seasoned arborists who will respond to your emergency with their signature professionalism, quick response time, and fair prices. 

    Our equipment for handling emergency services is first-rate and we follow the industry best practices to guarantee your safety throughout the process. Emergencies are never a welcome situation. That’s why you should get in touch with our friendly customer service team anytime you are worried about a drooping branch. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dangerously hanging branch after a heavy downpour the previous night. Or a stump that should be removed urgently for an upcoming construction project.

    Our role as the city’s most reliable tree service company is to deliver high-quality services when responding to all emergencies.

    Land Clearing Services

    When you need land clearing services in Fair Oaks, CA and its neighborhoods, there’s only one option to turn to; Fair Oaks Pro Tree Service. Clients depend on us for highly effective land clearing services that leave them with plenty of room for construction, a safe environment for endless fun, and a uniform property. Whatever reason you need land or lot clearing services, we can provide a free quote online or via the phone. 

    A major part of what makes our land clearing services exceptional is our commitment to client satisfaction and professionalism. Our lot and land clearing services are highly effective, efficient, and reliable to give you the exceptional results you’ve been craving. This is attributed to the fact we care about the environment just as much as we value your property. At the end of the day, we want to give our customers a clean environment that allows them to design their property with speed and precision.  

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    Tree Cabling and Bracing Services

    With our tree cabling and bracing services, specimen trees and old trees don’t have to be removed prematurely when they still have so much to add to your backyard’s ecosystem. Soothing climate, fresh air, and birds are all characteristics of large trees in your home. If you notice asymmetrical growth or abnormal bending of the tree branches, it is time to seek our tree cabling and bracing services. 

    Get ready for an electrifying experience if you hire the expert arborists at Fair Oaks Pro Tree Service tree company because they have mastered everything in cabling and bracing. We have plenty of years of experience in tree care and maintenance which comes in handy when you need a reliable team that can address specific vulnerabilities in your yard and responds to them the right way. All it takes is a phone call via 916-659-5590.

    Shrub Trimming

    For some reason, shrub trimming is one of the most dreadful tasks in many homes. Always feeling threatened by the possibility of destroying their uniformly growing forest, many homeowners choose to delegate this duty to tree service companies. Sadly, though, choosing a reliable tree service company hasn’t been easy either, given the wide array of options currently available. Fair Oaks Pro Tree Service understands your pain in choosing a reliable company. That’s why we have packed all the relevant tools that you may need a successful shrub trimming operation. 

    We know bush and shrub trimming doesn’t have to be a painful experience or a potentially dangerous affair if you work with the best company. Our seasoned arborists know exactly what your shrub needs at any stage and can guarantee a clean looking environment with just a few touches. Trimming allows your tree to maintain its shape and also encourages more flowers, fresh growth, and a stronger bush. 

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    Tree Pest Control Service

    Another service you can expect from Fair Oaks Pro Tree Service is high-quality pest and disease control. Proactive assessment of trees is the key to creating a healthy forest. And it all starts with choosing the right tree service company. If you trust us with your tree management tasks, we will monitor your forest periodically to identify the common signs of disease or pest infestation. From thinning canopies to discolored leaves, small holes on the branches, we know exactly what to look out for in a diseased tree, and the right diagnosis and management plan for every case. 

    Residential and Commercial Tree Service

    Our tree care services are all-inclusive. Meaning it doesn’t matter if you want our services for commercial or residential purposes. We’ve been the community’s go-to company for efficient tree pruning, tree removal, and planting services regardless of the size of the project. We are only committed to giving you high-quality services every time.

    Dial 916-659-5590 to get a free estimate on our top tree services in Fair Oaks, California.

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    For Fair Oaks Pro Tree Service Company, landscaping is a broad concept that’s related to everything we do when the entire yard needs our services. Our tree care and management services usually include 2-3 trees or bushes. However, if you need a comprehensive service that covers the whole yard then we consider it as landscaping. 

    More Details On Our Professional Tree Services

    We are familiar with everything tree removal, pruning, trimming, cutting, and pruning for all kinds of trees.

    Whether the palm tree, oak tree, evergreen tree, willow tree, redwood, maple tree, Douglas fir, apple tree, or lemon tree, our services are to cater to all tree care and maintenance needs, regardless of the size of the project.

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    Locations We Serve

    As the most trusted tree service company in the region, we have a highly innovative team of seasoned arborists who understand what the residential homeowners in California deserve. We have built a huge client base throughout Fair Oaks and currently serve the major cities and neighborhoods such as Fair Oaks Village, Phoenix Field, Shady Knolls, Curragh Downs, Kenneth Oak Way, Town Center, and Sunset Avenue among the rest. 

    Contact Fair Oaks Tree Service

     Your trees deserve the very best and you know it. So, why not get in touch with us by dialing 916-659-5590.